Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Stuff Part 1

Here's my final comic for Brian Ralph's class this summer! You can't see the rest of my comics until I can sneak into the studio and get at the big scanner!

Anyway, I only had time to color the first page (and shoddily at that, oh ho ho), but angry tiny nerds are great. (SECRET: THE COOL KIDS ARE BASED OFF OF MIKA NAKANO AND BRIAN RALPH TEE HEE.)


Nicole said...

AH! I love your comic stuff. I also love the fact that, much like me, you also have to sneak into your uni's studio to get at the big scanner hahah! ace! *highfive*
seriously, love your style, chick. you're super funky ;)

Barbara Tarr said...

you wont have to sneak if i get a spaaace ;D