Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scooby Gang Redesigns

I was being a TA for Greg Houston ( who is a badass, at MICA's Pre-College program, and one of the assignments was to redesign a classic team of four into a pro-wrestling team. I got really excited and decided to try the assignment out, but I got so wrapped up in redesigning the characters that the whole pro-wrestling bit went out the window.

Fred and Daph are the worst. I mean, just look at them. The worst.

So I also re-watched the live-action Scooby Doo movie (the first one, which is awesome btw) and Fred says the EXACT WORDS of this picture above to Velma. I secretly am totally rooting for them to get together because Daphne is kind of useless anyway. All in all I really REALLY love drawing Fred. A lot. Too much, maybe.


B.Wallz said...

Lol, I recognized Fred's line from the movie instantly. That was such an epic movie.

The one guy in the informational video:

"sorry dude"


Shanti said...

Abby, this looks like so much fun to do! Your style goes great with the mystery gang, and I especially like Fred's amped-up jock form w/Daphne tattoo and sweet hair.

Nicole said...

Aw, funky redesigns! I always find it interesting to see how the characters change depending on who interprets them.. I mean like Daphne was always just sort of 'there' for me. She wasn't good or bad.. But in the movie, she was so ANNOYINGLY "oh, lookit me, I do martial ats now and I kick butt. Woo, girl power!"
And they made Fred less team-spirit leader-ish and more full of himself, but in a funny, not annoying way and.....I could go on and on about stuff like this, but I WON'T! I'LL SAVE YOU FROM MY RAMBLINGS!!

Shaggy is always my favourite character in the shows/movies... But, as far as design goes, I really do love all your redesigns of the gang and can't pick a favourite x)