Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Star Trek! (and other less important things)

So me and my bro are really into Star Trek. And we talk about it all the time. Seriously, we make references to Romulans any chance we get. Stupid Romulans. I think this might be my father's influence. I have heard rumblings that growing up in Kansas is very boring, and to stay entertained, my dad would marathon it in his basement with the A/C turned all the way up and pretend he was in space. Just saying.

I'm feeling better about comics than I have all year. Most comics now, I feel, are kind of TERRIBLE. The same old same old over and over, and even the good ones fall to cliche and poor writing (or poor development, maybe). Especially being at MICA, where everyone is influenced by all the same artists, authors, ideas, and peers, it's nearly impossible to break away from the norm. Being away from that all summer has renewed my faith in comic-kind. Don't let me down, world!

PS] I love Beyonce.


B.Wallz said...

lol, even though I am not a treky, I can always appreciate comics about being nerds :)

Yea, I had a comic epiphany this summer as well.

It helps to flush out everyone else's opinions to find new great creators. We should totally trade up again and have to break away from that this year!

Sam Gauss said...

Oh man, now granted I have not seen all too much Star Trek, but I just can't get interested in Kirk like I can Picard. I'm hoping to rectify my n00bness of Trek this year; I'm sure Anya and Anna will be all TOO HAPPY to indulge me.


(all the single ladies)

Anonymous said...

wow, this is stunning. your lines look so great. i don't know if this will make sense, but i love when someone draws a comic, and it isn't perfect, but the artist rocks the imperfections? thats what i see hear and its is AWESOME. so much style.

alissandra seelaus said...

um, tiny single abby = great.

Nicole said...

Your comics are so stylish.
I duno much about StarTrek, but I can relate to your feeling about comics and such. And I'm happy you've got your mojo back!
--Hope it's contagious and my art(more specifically comickin') spark gets rejuvenated soon too ;) hah!

(little you with your hands up is so adorable... And I join you *sticks hands up high in the air*)

Kim said...