Sunday, November 21, 2010


Oh hey, welcome back, life! Here's a couple of posters I did for Dan's independent study on the theme of a vice and a virtue! I chose "sloth" and "diligence" because I like drawing lazy sexy ladies and comically burly men.

I'm pretty pumped about these!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh yeah

I've been doing things, I promise. Here are some backgrounds I've been working on for my thesis project. OH MAN OH MAN, working title is "Virtually Famous" (GET IT, GET IT?) I give mad props to my bro Daniel Krall for that rad and tubular title. Also it's 90's week in my brain, we watched some Sailor Moon last night and listened to Limp Bizkit.

Mac's Garage where they practice

Ji's bedroom, where she tries to teenage rehab her little girl bedroom

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Other characters!

More secondary characters from my thesis pitch!

Here are the Rock Band in-game avatar characters that the main characters created. They describe a little more about each character's personality...

And here are Ji's angry Korean parents:

and her annoying little brother who also happens to be a super genius:

AND MOST EXCITING OF ALL, THE RIVAL BAND!!! They are jerks sort of.

Left to right they are the ranked Korean Starcraft player, the Rebel girl (who Ji not-so-secretly wants to be), the pushover GameStop worker, and the douchebag guy who plays his guitar in the cafeteria and has a gig playing bad RHCP covers at the local coffee shop.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bunch of baby ducks, send them to the moon

I've been marathoning Adventure Time and The Regular Show and you should, too.

In other news: THIS!

For my lifestyles class with DK, it's a drawing for a cutie couple's night out! They are wearing designer clothes, I do not wish to go into detail.


It's some cutie people for my internship over at Port Discovery Kid's Museum! They will get turned into window paintings hopefully!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lifestyles and Whatnot

I have been doing some art. Here, let me show you it.

I'm doing an independent study with Daniel Krall where I am drawing many sexy ladies in fabulous clothes. These two pieces were for an assignment to pick a specific place and clothes to fit in that scenario. I chose to draw a schoolyard rumble, because what is better than bloody bitches? Nothing. Clothes are from Alexander McQueen Spring 2005 RTW and Hermes Spring 2010 RTW. Pretty great collections, I tell you what.

This assignment was to do a fashion illustration based on a movie coming out in the next year. I was on a roll with my bloody bitches and chose Red Sonja, legendary for her chain mail bikini and bloodthirsty badassedness. Her outfit is from a thousand different places, but the bathing suit is Max Azria and the shoes are Christian Louboutin.

It is so much fun to draw skulls.

Monday, September 27, 2010

thesis work!!!

I started my thesis work a few weeks ago! After three weeks of sketching and fiddling and fine-tuning and writing tons of episode ideas, I am almost ready to finalize my character designs.

What's that? You want to know what my thesis is about? WELL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. I'm doing a pitch book for a kid's animated series, like something you'd see on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. It will include character designs, episode synopses, environment studies, and a little bit of promo art, all bound neatly into a delightful little booklet that can be given to art directors to pitch my idea. Along with this, since I am an animation concentrator, I will be doing some animations, either for the cut-to-commercials or for the opening theme song. COOL, HUH?

The show follows Ji-Young Kim (Ji) and her best friend Aiden Wier, the two best Guitar Hero players in the state, as they discover the video game Rock Band and create their own ragtag team of gamers to compete in the arcade's Rock Band Tournament. They meet their drummer, Mac McMurphy, and their vocalist, Rosalyn "Raz" Stimpson, through some very strange circumstances, and have to grow together to become the ULTIMATE VIDEO GAME BAND!

I started with the character designs, because without characters, where would an animation be? I did a ton of sketching, and when I had a good idea of the characters I did a test group illustration to test colors with. Here are a few that made it to the finals:

After a lot of helpful advice from my crit group and my thesis teacher, Whitney Sherman, I finalized the characters to theseeeeee:

From left to right: Raz (makeover edition), Raz (normal), Mac, Aiden, Ji

I have gotten a ton of mixed reviews on Mac! What do you think, internet?


Friday, September 17, 2010


now it is complete

the time is nigh

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


What's that you say? The last post was the most boring post ever, you say? YOU'RE RIGHT, I'M SORRY. But HOWEVER you are now in for a treat. And this treat is Harry Potter and other sexy people.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are the best. Hermione is there, too, I guess.


Pompadours. Big eyes. Glasses.

Beautiful people.


Two characters from my senior thesis~ MORE WORK TO COME!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Art Pt. 2

Wow, Game Art class came and went pretty quickly, then Pre-College again, and moving in to a new apartment. Where did my summer go!? I figure I'll finish posting all my work from Game Art so that we can get to the FUN STUFF AKA HARRY POTTER FANART.

Here are some concept sketches from the very beginning. The class chose between these/ combined some of them to create the ULTIMATE MONSTER!

More ZBrush details...

Diffuse Map

Spec Map

Normal Map

My wireframe with all the maps applied! Yay! They look pretty deadly!

Sorry the video is low-quality due to blogger sucking. I'll upload a better version soon. Awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This summer I am taking a summer class at MICA called Game Art, which is run by local video game company Big Huge Games. We're spending the month-long class concepting a final boss character for an imaginary game titled "Nightmares" and modeling the character's weapon. The inspiration for the character was the boogeyman, and we were told the character design should be in line with the fantasy artist Paul Bonner, who is the imaginary art director. After a few hours of Wikipedia research (heh) I came up with this:

Horrifying. The idea is that the player goes through the game, once in a while crossing paths with a merchant-type character who wears lots of thick robes and sells CREEPY THINGS. When the player gets to the final boss stage, who should be there but THE MERCHANT who throws off her robes and unfurls into this beastie! She's made out of childrens' body parts stacked on top of one another, and she can use her giant scissors to both slice up children and stab at our poor hero. Like I said, horrifying.

So then we worked on our models in 3DsMax:

And now ZBrush:

There you have it!

PS I beat Shadow of the Colossus today! Killer!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jay Z is on SNL right now

I drew a picture for Dan Krall. And here it is. It's based on this palette from colourlovers.

And here's another that I drew for one of my really good friends, Nicole M, aka bunkun using this palette.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Annnnnnnd here's the stuff from my sketchbook AKA not classwork~



Can't not draw heads.

So many cute Asian girls here.


Getting ready for Project Rooftop's Black Canary contest... I spilled cafe au lait on my page. :(

ALSO FUN FACT I am sending out internship emails now. Fingers are crossed. So many fingers.


What's this? Japan work? Who? What what?!

Please excuse the HORRIBLE PHOTO QUALITY, these were taken on my cell phone. COUNTERPOINT: Japanese cell phones are awesome.

So here are my final two color variations on the Amaterasu piece. NOTE: There is no such thing as a registration sheet.

Live model #1, the stately older Japanese woman.

Live model #2, the Japanese dancer! He had a scar on his chest, it was pretty rad.

And the final pieces for my self-portrait.