Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lifestyles and Whatnot

I have been doing some art. Here, let me show you it.

I'm doing an independent study with Daniel Krall where I am drawing many sexy ladies in fabulous clothes. These two pieces were for an assignment to pick a specific place and clothes to fit in that scenario. I chose to draw a schoolyard rumble, because what is better than bloody bitches? Nothing. Clothes are from Alexander McQueen Spring 2005 RTW and Hermes Spring 2010 RTW. Pretty great collections, I tell you what.

This assignment was to do a fashion illustration based on a movie coming out in the next year. I was on a roll with my bloody bitches and chose Red Sonja, legendary for her chain mail bikini and bloodthirsty badassedness. Her outfit is from a thousand different places, but the bathing suit is Max Azria and the shoes are Christian Louboutin.

It is so much fun to draw skulls.


Nicole said...

I particularly love the second school yard brawl image and the red sonja illustration. I don't really think I can accurately impress upon you just how much I love them, but I really really do! Something about the lines is just right: very organic and the proportions are just tasty. I also think the colouring on them is just perfectly suited to the feel of each piece.
And yes! I do also enjoy drawing skulls! SO fun!! And you've done them so well too. I'm really excited about these ♥

Amanda Christensen said...

Red freaking nice.