Sunday, December 23, 2012

My cover for Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake: Issue #3!!! SO EXCITING! If you’re sitting there being like, “hey, that looks familiar,” you’re right! It’s a parody of the famous Conan the Barbarian cover done by the almighty Frank Frazetta. Thanx to AD Adam Staffaroni of Boom! Studios and, of course, Fionna/Cake creator Natasha Allegri. Go pick one up at your local comic shop around mid-January!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Long time no see, blog! Sorry to be absent for so long, but sometimes life happens! I have a couple of cool updates! I've been working freelance at Rockstar Games drawing really, really silly cartoons for them! Which is awesome, except that since the game hasn't been released, they are TOP SECRET! In the mean time, check out some other stuff I've been working on!

King of Swords

This is for Light Grey Art Lab’s Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition! My card was the King of Swords! I’ve been really into tarot stuff recently, and soon (hopefully) I can reveal another tarot-based illustration!

If you’re around when the show opens in October, you should stop by! You can buy prints of all the awesome cards drawn by amazing artists, and Light Grey Art Lab is now offering preorders for the show's tarot deck! It's got 78 beautifully illustrated cards from amaaaaaazing artists, it's seriously gonna be the best! It also comes with instructions so you, too, can read fortunes out of the back of a wagon!


This is my drawing of Pidgeot for the Light Grey Art Lab's Pokemon Battle Royale! Big props to my gurl Alyssa for putting the show together! STORY TIME So I love Pidgeot. I bought a (totally sweet see-through) Game Boy pocket with all the allowance money I had when I was a kid, along with Pokemon Blue. My first pokémon was a Pidgey, and it stayed on my team through the entire game. My Pidgeot helped me beat the Elite Four and battled against Mewtwo! It may be a Normal type pokémon, but I always thought that Pidgeot was so cool and strong and elegant! You don't gotta have fancy moves to kick butt and take names!


Other updates! I have a tumblr art tag, where I post silly sketches, and also I just finished reworking my website, check it out!