Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Hunt For the Seven Gentlemen

For Fantasy Art we did covers for fake novels, which was pretty cool. We teamed up with kids from Washington University taught by John Hendrix for critique time on Facebook every week. I figure that since this was such a critique-baased process, I'll show a little of the work that went into picking an image.


I obviously am an amazing and talented person, as you can tell by that last beautifully thought-through thumbnail on the second page.

Next some larger sketches for 3 I liked:

Aaaaand the final! A lot changed!

The Encounter

"He had heard the door handle rattling and flipped the light switch. She had hoped to sneak back inside unnoticed. Her lip rouge was worn and her cheeks were flushed. "You're standing really close to me," she said nervously."

The First Guest

"He was late. Everyone was late. She had been there since 5:30. She was certain the ceramic dog had moved.

The Vice

"She spent the early part of the evening telling everyone who would listen that she hardly ever touched the stuff. She spent the rest of the evening touching it."



Here are some character designs I did for Fantasy Art class based on a Russian fairy tale about some ballerinas who get magic'd into a big fat lady!

There is also this nasty piece of work, who gets some plastic surgery to look like someone else and steal their money! Sneaky!

And here's a quick environment sketch! Click to see it bigger!