Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baltimore Super Heroes!

So!!! If you stop by one of the orange newspaper thingies in Baltimore and grab this week's copy of the b newspaper, you will see some of my work! I did 8 super heroes/villains that are native to my beloved Baltimore to celebrate Baltimore Comic Con, which is tomorrow!!! Stan Lee's gonna be there!!!! COOL! SO CHECK IT!

Toxic Marge
A tourist who fell in the bay and became a BAY MONSTER!!!

Captain Raven
(Secretly Ray Lewis, dun dun dun!)

The Misappropriator
(Sheila Dixon)

The Hitman
(Omar from The Wire)
Cheerios are his super power

Rat King
The scourge of Baltimore!

Federal Hill Fratboy
Popped collar: +20 on all stats

Ms. Above-It-All
MICA Hipster, irony deathglare

The Incredible Filth
(John Waters)