Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This summer I am taking a summer class at MICA called Game Art, which is run by local video game company Big Huge Games. We're spending the month-long class concepting a final boss character for an imaginary game titled "Nightmares" and modeling the character's weapon. The inspiration for the character was the boogeyman, and we were told the character design should be in line with the fantasy artist Paul Bonner, who is the imaginary art director. After a few hours of Wikipedia research (heh) I came up with this:

Horrifying. The idea is that the player goes through the game, once in a while crossing paths with a merchant-type character who wears lots of thick robes and sells CREEPY THINGS. When the player gets to the final boss stage, who should be there but THE MERCHANT who throws off her robes and unfurls into this beastie! She's made out of childrens' body parts stacked on top of one another, and she can use her giant scissors to both slice up children and stab at our poor hero. Like I said, horrifying.

So then we worked on our models in 3DsMax:

And now ZBrush:

There you have it!

PS I beat Shadow of the Colossus today! Killer!