Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Updating is hard when you're in JAPAN!

HELLO EVERYONE! こんにちは! Have you missed me? I haven't been posting because I haven't been doing illustrations, I've been having a GRAND TIME in JAPAN! All this semester, don't you know.

So I'll post some of the things I'm working on here, and the finals will come when I have a camera to post them with!

Here's some process photos of a print I just finished. The idea was for it to be representative of the sun goddess Amaterasu from Japanese legend. Story goes that she's all pissed that her brother, the trickster god, is messin' up her stuff and throwing dead horses at her handmaidens and stuff, so she locks herself in a cave for a while. Without the sun, everyone on earth is way bummed, so they decide to trick her by throwing a rowdy party and singing her praises to lure her out. Ammy gets curious and peeks out and sees how much everyone misses her and decides to come back out and everything is hunky dory and the flowers all bloom and stuff. Anyway:

And here's my paintings I've been working on. This first one my still life painting. It's a ring I bought from the AVAM that's clear plastic with three flowers preserved inside. I was feeling very Mad Men, as you might be able to tell.

And here's the main panel of a triptych self-portrait that I'm working on. It's me! SCANDAL IN THE SCHOOL I'M NAKED KIND OF OH MY.

Suffice to say I've been here awhile and I have a ton more work to post, but I'll get to that when I get to it. AKA when I'm not writing papers or exploring Japan or eating delicious Japan foods or, uhhhh, shopping. Okay, well, signing out for now. <3 じゃまた!

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John Patrick Ward said...

ooOOoo coooool! You're going to have to give us a show of some stuff when you get back!