Thursday, October 29, 2009


Some work from this semester.

These images are from my Concepts I class with Allan Comport.

An editorial piece for the novel Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon. I did it in gouache and the colors got a little weird and then I tried to fiddle with the levels in Photoshop and... well, you know. Shrug. Freakin' Daniel Krall's piece totally blows the ones from our Concepts I class out of the water. Sigh.

A piece to go with an article about wines for different occasions to go with a pamphlet for the movie Sideways. Apparently there are appropriate wines for doing exercise. Who knew?

These are from my Eros class with Jose Villarrubia.

A piece to go with this article from Savage Love, a sex advice column.

A piece involving romance. What's more romantic than football players in locker rooms?

A poster for our school's guest speaker Annie Sprinkle. The print one has red glitter on the nipple tassels. :)

Lastly, a pinup of Wonder Woman. Yeah!


Michael Clayton said...

I find your Inherent Vice piece a lot funnier, a.k.a. better

Kim said...

OH HO HO now everyone knows Abby's secret locker room fetish.

And for some reason it really amuses me that my anti-robot word is "COEDS".